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In March of 2007, Senko announced a new brand strategy for the future.

The new brand strategy is to promote collaborative business concepts and profits that will synchronize with the changing world around us. The new strategy will focus on Senko’s tested and thriving business efforts combined with new business ventures including those on our own and in collaboration with partners or group companies. In order to achieve this, Senko will focus on the business areas in which Senko has shown its strengths and rely on their partners and group companies to join forces and support each other as new businesses evolve.

We offer a wide range of products and services and only expect it to increase to serve both our loyal and new customers as their needs change. Our goal is offer the most complete systems solution that will work over the long term for our clientele. Senko intends to be a catalyst for change. As our world changes, so will Senko.
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