Senko Advanced Components Celebrates Milestone in 2007

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Senko Celebrate a decade in Fiber OpticIn the ultra-competitive world of fiber optics, a 10-year anniversary is not an easy one to reach. While Massachusetts based SENKO Advanced Components Inc. was founded during a time when businesses spent money at unprecedented levels and forecasters predicted the “dot com” era as the next big thing, the bubble inevitably burst in 2000.

SENKO Advanced Components, like many companies, struggled. The struggle, however, paid off. As it celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2007, SENKO Advanced Components is enjoying an enviable level of success. What is its secret? Simple. Innovative products, strong business relationships, excellent synergy with its parent company and a constant eye on the future.

SENKO Advanced Components is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, sales, distribution and marketing of passive fiber optic components. While the company remains committed to this endeavor, Senior Executive Vice President Mark W. Johnson says that SENKO Advanced Components’ decade-long success is the result of its willingness to adapt and embrace new opportunities, such as its line of restyling products and CCTV lenses. Johnson notes that research and development is a key area. He says, “We doubled and tripled our engineering and research. Now the fastest growing department within our organization is engineering.”

Business is all about relationships, a mantra that SENKO Advanced Components lived and breathed during the tumultuous years following the bubble burst in 2000. Johnson, who has been with SENKO Advanced Components since its founding, recalls that many customers had long-term contracts, obligating them to buy. Understanding that these customers were also struggling in the wake of the market downturn, SENKO Advanced Components eased up on enforcing its purchase agreements, allowing clients to recover or rebuild their own businesses. While this decision certainly came at a price, SENKO Advanced Components was never in the red. This commitment to customer relations is no fluke—it’s a core value of SENKO Advanced Components as well as its parent company, The SENKO Group.

The SENKO Group, founded in 1946 and based in Japan, is a family of companies devoted to serving clients over a range of industries. It has over 1000 employees in 15 countries, with sales exceeding $1 billion. While SENKO Advanced Components turns 10 this year, its parent company enjoys over 60 years of experience—experience it readily shared and still shares with its subsidiary. The wonderful qualities of the Japanese business style, such as internal consensus building, combined with the strengths of western business practices, such as a willingness to take more risks, are the building blocks for SENKO Advanced Components’ corporate culture. This synergy between subsidiary and parent company also accounts for SENKO Advanced Components’ growth over the last decade.

Today, SENKO Advanced Components has 14 offices worldwide and employs 140 workers, with plans to expand in Eastern Europe and China. In terms of sales, SENKO Advanced Components ranges between 10 to 20 percent of the turnover of SENKO Group. While challenges persist—including the flood of low-cost products from China—the people at SENKO Advanced Components know that no price can be put on experience. Johnson says, “We’ve now passed the decade mark, and we’re confident we’ll be here for many more decades to come.”

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Written by: Senko Public Relations Sunday, 14 January 2007 10:35
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