FTTH Cleaning & Inspection Kit

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FTTH Cleaning & Inspection KitThis exceptionally portable and low cost field inspection kit contains the FTTX FIBERVIEW ultra-light analogue probe and a extremely rugged and compact 2.5” TFT hand-held monitor with a display magnification of x150 (x200 option available on request). This monitor has a menu driven, multi-function user interface and is capable of running two probes simulataneously.

The monitor also provides a side mounted clip which permits a analogue probe to be attached. The battery pack and monitor utilizes a SD memory card to provide an efficient and innovative approach to capturing up to 23,000 images of the ferrule end face which can be transferred to a PC or Laptop. The kit also includes a comprehensive range of ferrule and in adapter cleaning solutions.

Today, the telecom sector is driven by growth in the FTTX network and is under pressure to provide ever increasing speed, bandwidth, and quality-of-service for a new generation of digital products.
Consumers are connecting to an exciting new world that offers them VoIP, full video websites, high definition TV, advanced video conferencing, social networking sites, and two way patient/healthcare provider communications to name a few. Keeping your network in top operational condition has become more vital than ever to the success of a company.

It is not just telecom service providers that face this ever growing problem. The loss of a network connection today can have high financial implications on the end-user. Keeping a system in top operational condition has become the number one priority for all users of fiber technology.
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Written by: Senko Public Relations Saturday, 14 February 2009 10:36
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