Senko SC APC Connector is GR-326 Compliant

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Senko Advanced Components, Inc has conducted third party ITL Telecordia GR-326-Core testing to Verizon's TPR 9409 in order to ensure the highest quality and performance of the SC APC jumpers. Senko's SC APC jumpers and adapters have been assessed to the Service life criteria specified in Section 6 of GR-326-CORE,requirements for SC optical fiber connectors and Jumpers.

These criteria simulate the challenging conditions encountered by optical connector assemblies over the lifetime of service in indoor or outdoor applications.
Senko's SC APC 900 μm and 2mm jumpers were found to be compliant with the requirement specified in TPR 9409 and applicable Verizon FOC Memos, and by meeting the Service Life criteria of GR-326, assurance is provided that Senko's connector assembly is a reliable design and will provide reliable service over its lifetime.
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Written by: Senko Public Relations Thursday, 02 September 2010 13:44
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