Zirconia Sleeves & Tubes


Zirconia sleeves and tubes are precision manufactured according to strict quality and performance standards. They are available for singlemode and multimode applications.

Reliable mating is assured with strictly controlled dimensions and withdrawal force. Standard styles include SC, FC, ST, D4, LC and MU, with custom designs also available. Diagonal split sleeves are available for high performance requirements. Tubes are also available.


  • Singlemode and multimode
  • Fiberoptic receptacles, adapters, attenuators and other


  • High quality zirconia material
  • High performance and superior durability
  • Low insertion loss*


  • Material:
    • Zirconia
  • Withdrawal Force:
    • 200gf ~ 600gf (SC, FC, ST)
    • 100gf ~ 300gf (MU, LC)