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MPO Plus Bayonet Connector 16/32F

SENKO’s MPO PLUS Bayonet connector is the world’s shortest housed MPO connector at under 18mm in length. With a unique bayonet locking mechanism, fiber counts up to 32F, and industry leading low loss ferrules, this is an ideal solution for all limited space applications.

  • Locking bayonet housing
  • Compatible with standard MPO
  • Spring-loaded free-floating ferrule
  • 20N spring for 16 and 32F ferrules
Parameters Single-mode Multimode
Low Loss Standard
Typical Insertion Loss (dB) 16-fiber 0.15 0.2
Max Insertion Loss (dB) 16-fiber 0.35 0.6
Typical Insertion Loss (dB) 32-fiber N/A 0.25
Max Insertion Loss (dB) 32-fiber N/A 0.6
Typical Return Loss (dB) ≥60 ≥25
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 to +75
Durability SM < 0.30 dB typical change, 50 matings


Data Center

On Board Optics




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The MPO Plus connector can be used in temperatures as low as -40°C and up to 75°C.

The length of the MPO Bayonet connector is 17.25mm in length.

No tools are required to install. Simply insert into adapter and rotate rear bayonet until it latches into place.