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CRC RS 01 singe profile may 2023
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Número de pieza de SENKO: CRC-RS-01

  • Genuine NTT AT Product
  • Sūpākurīnā manufacturing process
  • For all OPTIPOP R Cassettes

Envíenos un correo electrónico a o hable con su representante de ventas local de SENKO para consultar precios.

Using the OPTIPOP R replacement spools make it possible to reduce your fiber optic cleaning costs by 70%+. Our genuine OPTIPOP R replacement spools are manufactured in Japan using the Sūpākurīnā manufacturing process. This process ensures the highest for the cleaning ribbon. The OPTIPOP R cleaning ribbon composition is a proprietary micro woven cleaning ribbon fabric engineered for maximum cleaning effectiveness. The cleaning ribbon is ideal for wiping away contamination both from single fiber and multi fiber connectors. Our replacement spools are compatible with all versions of OPTIPOP R cassettes.

Número de parte de Senko: CRC-RS-01
Senko OPTIPOP R Cassettes: CRE-01 OPTIPOP R Standard
COO: Japón
NTT AT Part Number: ATC-RS-01

YES! The OPTIPOP R refills are compatible with all genuine models of OPTIPOP R cassettes.

The easiest way to visually determine if your OPTIPOP R cassette is a genuine to look at the top of the cassette. There should be a yellow sticker to the left of the steel shutter. This sticker should have the NTT AT logo with an identification number that starts with ATC-RE followed a 2 digit number. If you do not have this yellow sticker or do not see the NTT AT logo and ATC-RE identification number, your cassette is imitation product. Many of the knock off suppliers cut corners on quality to cheapen their product using a different gear system that may not be able to properly advancing the genuine OPTIPOP R replacement spools.

YES! The cleaning ribbon in the genuine OPTIPOP R replacement spools is a made from a proprietary micro woven fabric using a special Sūpākurīnā manufacturing process that prevents fraying. This makes the genuine OPTIPOP R refills an highly effective option for wiping surface contamination from the stainless steel ferrule end faces while generating loose fibers.

Sūpākurīnā is a special process that combines strict material selection standards with the tightly controlled and refined manufacturing processing for repeatedly producing an elite quality cleaning ribbon capable of meeting the fiber optic industry’s highest quality standards. There are many companies trying to sell you a similar looking product, however, any replacement spools not made using the Sūpākurīnā process will fall short of consistently meeting the superior cleaning performance and consistency you will get every time when you use a genuine OPTIPOP R spools. If quality matters to your organization and getting the optimal performance from your fiber optic cleaning product is important, please insist on using genuine OPTIPOP R spools made using the Sūpākurīnā process.