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Senko Responds to US Conec Court and Administrative Filings

Hudson MA, April 3rd 2024 – On March 20th 2024, US Conec Ltd, filed a lawsuit against SENKO Advanced Components Inc, alleging potential patent infringement relating to certain components of SENKO’s VSFF portfolio and a specific MPO feature.

This action is the latest response from US Conec who was initially charged by SENKO in January 2023 for potential infringement of at least 7 SENKO’s VSFF patents on US Conec’s MDC and MMC Connector and Adapter product range. This infringement claim was later expanded by SENKO to include additional 5 patents, bringing a total to 12 patents and over 270 claims against US Conec.

Today, SENKO reaffirms once again that its VSFF patents dating back as far as 2016, not only pre-date those of US Conec, but also cover critical design aspects that are integral to the core functionality of the connector. SENKO will vigorously defend the exclusion of SN products in a newly filed ITC proceeding mirroring the lawsuit, based in part on its earlier patent filings, and is confident of the outcome.

Furthermore, this recent action from US Conec has been expanded beyond VSFF connectivity to include a single feature of SENKO’s MPO portfolio. It is important to note that the allegation made against SENKO concerning MPO connectivity relates only to a very specific feature of one connector type within SENKOs broad and comprehensive MPO portfolio. The claim has no impact on SENKO’s ability to continue supplying MPO connectivity into the market. SENKO would like to inform its customers, that this action does not affect any of the MPO standard connectors that SENKO has been supplying or the MPO EZ-Way product that SENKO has developed to simplify and accelerate the recent ramp-up in 800G deployments. SENKO will reach out to the few customers who might be affected by the allegation.

(Caso nº :23-cv-00083 (D. Del., Ene. 2023) SENKO alleges US Conec has infringed and continues to infringe its U.S. Patent Nos:

US11307369B2, US11333836B2, US11340413B2, US11415760B2, US10191230B2, US11181701B2, US11061190B2, US11391895B2, US11435535B2, US11585989B2, US11774685B2, US11809006B2

US Conec has regrettably chosen to involve other companies within this dispute, SENKO deems it necessary to update our customers to prevent any confusion or concerns that this action may have raised. If you are a customer or manufacture and want to know more about how this lawsuit may affect you, please contact us:

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