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  • SMARTCleaner Or CleanZone (excluding US)
  • FTTX Fiber View Monitor and Probe
  • 2.5mm Ferrule Tip
  • CleanCore Cassette, CleanCore Replacement Cartridge,
  • Software CD and AC Charger
  • Case
  • Optical Resolution down to 1.25um
  • Field Of View 250 microns Vertical and 340 microns Horizontal
  • Standard 2.5mm PC Tip (Other Tips Available)
  • Rugged 2.5” TFT Display, with built in stand and option for strap
  • Video Capture SD Memory Card
  • Patch Cord Ferrule Cleaner
  • In-Adapter Ferrule Cleaner
  • Lightweight Rugged Carry Case
  • Side Clip for hands
SCK-FTTX-500*DS - This exceptionally portable and low cost field inspection kit contains the FTTX FIBERVIEW ultra-light analogue probe and a extremely rugged and compact 2.5” TFT hand-held monitor with a display magnification of x150 (x200 option available on request). This monitor has a menu driven, multi-function user interface and is capable of running two probes simulataneously. The
monitor also provides a side mounted clip which permits a analogue probe to be attached. The battery pack and monitor utilizes a SD memory card to provide an efficient and innovative approach to capturing up to 23,000 images of the ferrule end face which can be transferred to a PC or Laptop. The kit also includes a comprehensive range of ferrule and in adapter cleaning solutions.