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SN-MT 16 Shuttered Adapter

SENKO’s SN.-MT16 shuttered adapters are available either as a 1-port (16 fibers) or 4-port variant (64 fibers). The single port is designed for applications such as BASE-16 to Base-2 transitions, where the adapter is placed at the rear of fiber management cassettes or panels. The 4-port version is designed to maximize port density within high-density patch panels or active equipment.

  • Premium one-piece body design
  • Up to 3,456 fibers per 1RU (Rack Unit)
  • Accepts SN.-MT16 standard and junior connectors
Parameters1 Single-mode
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 to +75
Durability 50 times per GR-1435

1. Parameters listed are target specifications



Both connector and adapter are keyed to prevent mis-insertion.

No, SN-MT adapter as well as the connector is the same size with SN.

It will accept SN-MT connector on the front side, and accepts both SN-MT and SN-MT Junior connector on the BTW side.