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SMX-Scopio-B is a digital inspection probe for visualization of connector end faces and analysis of connector defects. This inspection scope can be used for both in adapter and unmated end faces for SC, FC, ST, LC, CS, SN E2000™ – PC and APC as well as MT, MPO, SMA and many MIL spec connections.

  • IEC inspection analysis
  • 1.8µm resolution
  • 600x variable magnification
Parameters Specifications
Primary Use Single Fiber connectors
Type Handheld
Field of view (mm) d = 0.4
Defect size detection (µm) 0.5
Optical resolution (µm) 2
Magnification¹ 600x
Focus Manual
Camera type Digital, USB 2.0
Power source USB 2.0 Port of PC
Cable USB 2.0
Compatible with Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet
Dimensions (H × W × L) 56.3 × 25 × 201 mm (2.22 × 0.98 × 7.91 inches)
Weight 330 g (0.73 lbs)

1 Calculated for 24’’ screen (1920 × 1080)

✅ Data Centers
✅ Hyerscales
✅ Central Offices
✅ Production Lines
✅ FTTA, DAS Wireless
✅ Research Labs
International Electrotechnical Commission

SMX-Scopio-B digital inspection system includes:

  • SMX-Scopio-B probe
  • Case
  • MaxInspect™ analytical software

The inspection tips and other accessories are sold separately.

The SCOPIO-B is able to magnify the surface of ferrule to 600x. The field of view is 0.4mm diameter with an optical resolution as small as 2µm. This makes it possible to for the SCOPIO-B able to measure defects as small as 0.5µm.