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SN-MT Mini Adapter

The SN-MT Mini Adapter accepts SN-MT Connectors on the front side and SN-MT Mini Connector on behind the wall (BTW) side. The SN-MT Mini Adapter houses up to 64-Fibers in one adapter. The SN-MT Mini Adapter has distinct keys to not accept different fiber counts other than the intended 8-Fiber and 16-Fiber. The SN-MT Mini Adapters are available with shutters as well.

  • Same SN foot print
  • Offered in 1Ch and 4Ch
  • Shuttered type available
Parameters1 Single-mode
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 to +75
Durability 50 times per GR-1435


1. Parameters listed are target specifications.


SN-MT Mini adapter accepts SN-MT connector on the front side, and SN-MT mini on BTW side.

8F has dot like keys and 16F has long and narrow keys to distinguish on the front side.

Black and green are the standard types.