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SMART CLEANER OPTITIP CLEANING ADAPTERS are set of adapters for precisely aligning the cleaning tip of the SMART CLEANER MPO (SCK-SS-MPO) to the MT ferrules in the Corning OPTITIP, Commscope HMFOC and other reverse compatible connector systems.

The cleaning adapters have a marking on the flange to help the operator with seating the adapters onto the OPTITIP connector housing. There is a “F” marking on the adapter flange made for aligning the SMART CLEANER MPO onto the OPTITIP connector side with pinned (male) MT ferrule with the threaded housing. The adapter with “M” on the flange is made for the unpinned (female) MT ferrule with the rotating collar. The large flange make the adapters easier to handle and improves dexterity when handling while wearing work gloves.

  • One cleaner for OPTITIP & MPO
  • Large flange
  • Visual identification marks
Cleaner Part Number: SCK-SS-MPO


Applicable Connectors: OPTITIP, HMFOC

Field-Install-icon Network Installations

FTTH-icon Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

MSO-Icon MSO Networks

FTTA-Icon Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA)




The SMART CLEANER OPTITIP ADAPTERS are designed slide over the OPTITIP connector system. Both adapters have the key/key slot built in to ensure the cleaning tip of the SMART CLEANER MPO (SCK-SS-MPO) aligns properly to the connector’s MT end face. The adapters have features to control the level of contact force of the wipe. Controlling the contact force of the cleaning tip to the MT ferrule is important for ensuring the wipe is effective at trapping and lifting away the contaminates. After the adapter is placed onto the OPTITIP connector, insert the SMART CLEANER MPO cleaner and push forward until you hear the audible “CLICK” to complete the cleaning process.

Unfortunately, no. The SMART CLEANER OPTITIP ADAPTER set are made specifically for the SENKO SMART CLEANER MPO (SCK-SS-MPO) cleaning tool with the center orientation key on the cleaner’s barrel. If you try to insert another supplier’s MPO cleaning tool into the SMART CLEANER OPTITIP ADAPTERS, the cleaner will not seat properly and will be ineffective for cleaning the MT end faces.