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SN Series

SN Connectors


The SN connector is the ultimate Base-2 connector combining ‘best-in-class’ packing density with carrier-grade performance and reliability. Designed and optimized for next-generation data rates, the SN offers network operators the chance to densify their existing legacy infrastructure whilst at the same time providing an upgrade path to 400G and beyond.

The SN connector is a Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) duplex optical connector that utilizes the same proven 1.25mm ferrule technology as the industry-standard LC connector but with significantly reduced outer dimensions. This reduced footprint rewards network operators with a three-fold increase in packing density across the complete network.

SN Adapters


SN Adapters are available in several configurations, but they all incorporate a ‘Senior’ side and a ‘Junior’ side (BTW). The SN EZ-Flip and standard 1.6 mm /2.0 mm connector will fit the senior side of all adapters, whereas the SN Uniboot will only fit the senior or junior side of the SN non-shuttered 4-Channel adapter, the SN shuttered 4-channel adapter and the SN Mini 4-channel adapter. This is because a vertical alignment of the SN connector is required for Uniboot applications.

In general, the SN Junior connector is the preferred connector BTW because of its reduced size; however, the EZ-Flip and the 1.6 mm/2.0 mm connector can also be patched to the junior side of the SC Footprint adapters and Standard SN adapters. This is useful in applications where trunk cables or patch cords are patched at the rear of patch panels or modules.

IMPORTANT: There are two adapters in the series that can only be patched with their respective connectors on the junior side: These are the SN Compact adapter (designed for low-profile cassette systems) and the SN Mini (designed for maximum BTW space in optoelectronic applications). No other connector can be patched to the junior side of these two adapter types.


SN Accessories