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The MAX-QS+ is a white-light and phase-shift interferometer for inspection of single fiber ST, FC, SC, LC, CS, SN, E2000™ (PC and APC), small format multi-fiber MT-RJ (PC and APC), SMA and special connectors. MAX-QS+ features portable design, autofocus, 100 micron scan range for fiber height and resolution of 1.1 µm.

  • Single fiber end face geometry
  • End face anomaly detection
  • Autofocus
Parameters Specifications
Lateral resolution 1.1 µm
Measurement time * 2 sec (PC)
Field of view 1.1 × 0.9 mm
Measurement mode Phase Shift and White Light
Anomalies detection Yes
Microscopy Mode Yes
Autofocus Yes
Weight 3.9 kg
(8.6 lbs)
Dimensions (H×W×L) 103 × 137 × 183 mm
(4.06 × 5.39 × 7.2 inches)

* Measurement time may vary depending on computer performance and connector end-face shape.


clean-pedal clean-bar-code-reader
USB foot switch for triggering measurement in MaxInspect™ software. Handheld barcode reader for entering connector ID numbers to MaxInspect™ software.
SENKO Part Number SENKO Part Number

Medical Devices


Production Lines


Incoming Inspection


Testing and Research Labs


International Electrotechnical Commission

The MAX-QS+ will scan and measure is a phase shift and white light mode. This make enables this interferometer will scan and measure a single fiber end face in under 2 seconds with a lateral resolution of 1.1 micron.

The MAX QS+ is 10.3cm (4.1”) in height, 13.7cm (5.4”) wide and 18.3cm (7.2”) long so that it can easily fit on the benchtop on a production line or test lab. The system light weight at 3.8kg (8.4 lbs) making light weight.

This interferometer comes with an eternal USB 3.0 cable and needs to have a 12V DC power supply. The MAX QS+ uses the same MaxInspect software as the inspection scopes. The computer needs to be running Windows 10 and access to MS Excel 2010 or higher. The computer should have at least 4GB of RAM ports for a USB 3.0 cable.