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SENKO ADVANCED COMPONENTS has teamed up with Enginuity Communications to offer this innovative tester called the SFP CHECK LIGHT™ TESTER for supporting SFP and SFP+ transceivers. The SFP CHECK +LIGHT reads the internal memory of the SFP and displays details such as the wavelength, description, and range. Loop the transmit signal of the SFP back on itself using a LC loopback or LC jumper to verify the transmit and receive optical power levels.

Do you have SFP/SFP+ transceivers coming back to the warehouse and you’re unsure they are still functional, or even what type of device they are? Use the SFP CHECK LIGHT TESTER to quickly verify the transceiver operates so you can redeploy the asset instead of buying additional units. The SFP CHECK LIGHT™ TESTER can be used as a light source and paired with an optical power meter. Terminate an incoming assembly into the SFP inserted

into the SFP CHECK LIGHT™ TESTER and display the incoming optical power level. For dark fiber qualification, plug an SFP into the SFP CHECK LIGHT™ TESTER to provide a light source. Use an optical test set to measure the optical power levels along a fiber optic path. Matching the wavelength of the SFP to any CWDM or DWDM splitters in the path enables a complete qualification at varying data rates.

Singlemode Loopback Part Number: LPB-LC-SA00
Multimode Loopback Part Number: LPB-LC-OM3-00
Module Temperature:
Voltage: volts
Rx Level: mW + dBm
Tx Level: mW + dBm
Laser Bias: ma
Laser Temp: C° (DWDM only)
Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC) Bias: ma (DWDM only)


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Field-Install-icon Network Installations

FTTH-icon Fiber To The Home FTTH

FTTA-Icon Fiber To The Antenna FTTA and Distributed Antenna Systems DAS

MSO-Icon Multiple Service Operators MSO

The SFP CHECK LIGH TESTER will for all SFP and SFP+ transceivers that are compatible that are SFF-8472 and INF-8074i compliant.

The SFP CHECK LIGHT TESTER will power the actual SFP transceiver that would be used in your network. When the unit is paired with a power meter, you will be using the same SFP transceivers for the light source (including fiber type, wavelength, and distance) in testing that will be used to transmit and receive data in your network.

No, the SFP CHECK LIGHT TESTER works using your computer’s internet browser. To access the software, go to File Explorer . The SFP CHECK LIGHT TESTER will appear as a new network. Click SFP _CHECK2 and then click on the icon called SFP Check Light.HTML.