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SN Gang Clip for Adapters

SENKO’s SN® Gang-clips are designed to hold four individual SN® connectors side by side so they can be plugged into shuttered adapters (or adapters with walls between each channel) simultaneously. This unique functionality dramatically reduces the installation time required to patch multiple connectors to high-density patch panels, as well as allowing the four duplex connectors to act as one Base-8 connector. The Gang-clip can be used to combine four individual connectors from duplex patch cords or alternatively, four connectors from a breakout cable or fanout cable. The Gang-clip is a critical solution in applications where multiple Base-8 connections are being patched to the rear side of a patch panels. Individual SN® connectors can be inserted or removed from the 4-way gang-clip thanks to flexible locking clips located on the upper face of the clip.

  • Allows multiple SN® connectors to be patched simultaneously
  • Connectors can be individually inserted and removed without disruption to adjacent connectors
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for shuttered 4-channel SN® adapters