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XP Fit Plus LC

The XP Fit Plus LC is a highly stable pre-polished field installable connector that does not require any epoxy and can be terminated in 2 minutes with standard industry tools.

  • TIA/EIA 568 Compliant
  • Single-mode and Multimode
  • Pre-Polished, no epoxy required
  • Highly Stable index matching gel
Parameters Single-mode Multimode
Typical Insertion Loss (dB) 0.20 0.30 0.10
Max Insertion Loss (dB) 0.50 0.75 0.30
Typical Return Loss (dB) ≥55 ≥60 ≥35
Operating Temperature (°C) – 40 to +75
Durability <0.1dB typical change, 500 matings
Ferrule Ø 125μm 127μm


Data Center




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The XP Fit LC connector can be used in temperatures as low as -40°C and up to 75°C.

The termination can be completed with industry standard tools. You will require a cleave tool and cable strippers as well as a visual fault locator, test cable, attenuator and adapter for testing.

The standard version will work with 250um coated fiber and 900um tight buffered fiber. Other options will work on 2 and 3mm cordage