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Operating Wavelengths (nm) 1310±40, 1480±30 or 1550±40
Excess Insertion Loss (dB)1 ≤1.0
Attenuation Range (dB)1 1.0~30
Return Loss (dB)1 ≥50
Resolution (dB) ≤0.1
Polarization Dependant Loss (dB) ≤0.15
Operating Temperature (°C) 0~70
Storage Temperature (°C) -40~+85
Fiber Type SMF-28e 250um bare fiber
Package Dimensions (mm) 60 (L) x 16(W) x 8(H)

1. For a device with connectors, IL will be specified 0.3 dB higher and RL will be 5dB lower and ER will be 2dB lower.

In-line Power Control

Transmitter Power Equalization

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VOA is an acronym for a Variable Optical Attenuator. Optical attenuators operate by absorbing light, similar to wearing sunglasses on a sunny day. The variable portion if the VOA allows the operator to change the attenuation range manually if different amounts of light needs to be blocked.

A fixed attenuator cannot be changed, where the level is set. The variable attenuator allows the operator the change the attenuation in case the attenuation needed is unknown prior to network deployment.

Whenever there is a requirement to control the power, you may find a VOA. The VOA can be used for power equalization and in-line power control. If the receiver in the network has a saturation limit, the VOA can be used to lower the power before it makes it to the detector protecting sensitive equipment.