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Center Wavelength (nm) 1310 or 1550
Operating Wavelength Range (nm) ± 30
Minimum Isolation (dB) 40
Maximum Insertion Loss (dB) 1.0
Minimum Return Loss (dB) 50
Minimum Extinction Ratio (dB) 20
Minimum Cross Talk (dB) 50
Maximum CW Input Optical Power (mW) 300
Fiber Type³ PM Panda Fiber
Operating Temperature (°C) -5 to +70
Storage Temperature (°C) -40 to +85
Packaging Dimensions (mm) 5.5 (Ø) x 35 (L)

1. Above specifications are for devices without connectors.
2. For a device with connectors, IL will be specified 0.3dB higher, RL will be 5dB lower and ER will be 2dB lower.
3. The PM fiber and the connector key are aligned to the slow axis.

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A fiber optic circulator is three-port devise that is designed to take the signal and route it to the adjacent channel. When the light enters port 1, it is routed to port 2. When the light enters port 2, it is routed to port 3. When the light enters port 3, it is routed to port 1. Its main function is to separate optical signals that are traveling in opposing directions.

Circulators can often be found in networks where bi-directional transmission is needed. Due to the high isolations and low insertion loss of the optical circulator, it is a great choice in advanced communication systems.