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SN Gang Clip for Transceivers

SENKO’s SN Gang Clips are designed to hold four individual SN connectors side by side so they can be plugged into either 4-channel QSFP-DD or 2-channel SFP-DD transceivers simultaneously. This dramatically reduces the installation time required to plug multiple connectors, and it also allows the four duplex connectors to act as a single connector. The Gang Clip is generally deployed in transceiver breakout applications where for example one 400G transceiver is broken out to 4 x 100G transceivers in spine-leaf architectures. The Quad Gang-Clip is also compatible with non shuttered SN adapters with the same footprint as QSFP-DD transceivers.

  • Allows multiple SN connectors to be patched simultaneously
  • The compact design prevents interference with transceiver pull-tab
  • Suitable for QSFP-DD and SFP-DD transceivers