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LC Keyed Connector

SENKO’s LC Keyed Solution offers mechanical network security where segregation of networks is needed for security of privacy concerns. Unique key feature allows mating only to similar color keyed adapter

  • Robust Unibody design
  • UL-Rated housing and boots
  • Twelve color/key combinations


Parameters Single-mode Multimode
Typical Insertion Loss (dB) 0.08 0.10
Max Insertion Loss (dB) 0.20 0.20
Typical Return Loss (dB) ≥55 ≥25
Operating Temperature (°C) – 40 to +75
Durability <0.2dB typical change, 500 matings
Ferrule Ø 125μm 127μm


Data Center


Government & Defense

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The LC Keyed connector can be used in temperatures as low as -40°C and up to 75°C.

The length is 41mm when using the 900um, 2mm and 3mm Mini boots.

No, unless they are using Senko product. The key dimensions are different.