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Indoor RS Fan-Out Kit

The SENKO Indoor fan-out range offer a variety of different layout options for most indoor applications. They are cost effective, time saving solution that eliminates the need for splicing on-site.

  • Small sized fan-out kit
  • For indoor breakout application
  • Simple termination process
  • Upgradable to IP68 rating (optional)
Parameters Specifications
Operating Temperature (°C) – 40 to 85
Pull Force 100lbf or 450N (Feeder Side)

15lbf or 66N (Fan-Out Side)


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12 x 2.0mm, 12 x 900um, 24 x 900um options available.

Feeder Cable OD range between 2.0-7.0mm

If you use optional pulling sock, this can be upgradable to IP68 rating. SENKO recommends IP Fan-Out kit for outdoor applications.