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MPO Plus Dust Shutter Adapter

Senko’s MPO Dust Shutter adapters feature an internal dust shutter system to protect the end face of MPO connectors residing in the adapter. This twin shutter system is design to eliminate the need for the protective dust plugs.

  • Laser and dust protection
  • Internal twin shutter system
  • Flanged and no flange options
  • Center or offset keyway orientation


Parameters Single-mode Multimode
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 to +75
Durability 50 times per GR-1435


Data Center

On Board Optics



Quantum Computing



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Yes, Senko’s Dust Shutter adapter works for all IEC and TIA compliant MPO connectors with the traditional center orientation key. Please contact your local Senko sales representative of email us at if you have a need for an offset orientation key adapter.

The standard colors are black, aqua, heather violet, lime and gray. If you have a need for another color, please contact your local Senko sales representative or email us at