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Senko Part Number SCK-CC-200
Number of cleanings 400 Pinned MPO
Ribbon Advancement Manual Wheel
Applicable Connectors MPO 8 fiber, MPO 12 fiber, MPO 16 fiber, MPO 24 fiber, MPO 32 fiber, MPO 48 fiber, MPO 72 fiber



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On Board Optics


Data Center

International Electrotechnical Commission
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No. The clear plastic cover and the cassette’s internal guide track for the cleaning ribbon protect the cleaning ribbon from being cross contaminated from moisture and dust.

Yes. The most effective way to do a wet-dry cleaning is start by advancing the cleaning wheel to bring a fresh section of the cleaning ribbon into the cleaning window. Next apply small amount of the cleaning solvent directly on the cleaning ribbon. Start the wipe by placing the connector on the wet section and finish the wipe in the dry section of the wipe.

Use the same amount of force to the connector as would use if you were writing with a pen. The cleaning ribbon material and rubber backing underneath will protect the end face and prevent scratching during the wipe.