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The OPTIPOP R cassette effectively wipes away residues and dust based contamination from ferrule end faces. The cassettes feature an ergonomic trigger to advancing a fresh section of the micro woven cleaning ribbon with engagement. Using the replacement cleaning spools will lower your cleaning costs.

  • Cleans 800 duplex end faces or 400 simplex and MPO end faces
  • Refillable spools lowers cleaning cost
  • Effective wipe for removing dust and residue
Part Number: CRE-01
Refill Spool Part Number: CRC-RS-01 (sold as individual spool)
Cleaning Material: Micro woven fabric ribbon
Number of cleanings: 800 duplex connector end end faces
400 single fiber and unpinned (female) MPO and MT
1.25mm, 2.5mm and MT ferrules
Applicable Connectors: SC, LC, SN®, SN®-MT, CS®, FC, ST
MPO (unpinned), MT ferrule
Applicable Polishes: UPC and APC
NTT AT Numbers: ATC-RE-01 Cassette
ATC-RS-01 Refill Spools


  • Cable assembly production lines
  • Network equipment production lines
  • Field installations for data centers
  • Field installations for carriers