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The OPTIPOP R cassette effectively wipes away residues and dust based contamination from pinned (male) MT ferrule end faces. The cassette accommodates the guide pins for both 12 and 16 fiber array end faces. The cassettes feature an ergonomic trigger to advancing a fresh section of the micro woven cleaning ribbon with engagement. Using the replacement cleaning spools will lower your cleaning costs.

  • 400 pinned (male) MPO and MT end faces
  • Refillable spools lowers cleaning cost
  • Effective wipe for removing dust and residue
Part Number: CRE-03
Refill Spool Part Number: CRC-RS-01 (sold as individual spool)
Cleaning Material: Micro woven fabric ribbon
Number of cleanings: 400 pinned MPO and MT
Applicable Connectors: 8, 12, 24, 48 & 72 fiber MPO and MT

16 & 32 fiber MPO, SN®-MT, Mt ferrule

Applicable Polishes: UPC and APC
NTT AT Numbers: ATC-RE-03 Cassette
ATC-RS-01 Refill Spools