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The SMART CLEANER MINI 2.5MM (SCK-SS-M-250S) tool is effective for cleaning residues and dust based contamination on fiber optic end-faces. It is the ideal tool for FTTH, MSO, Military, and Industrial applications. It can easily clean in adapter and unmated 2.5mm connectors. Its small form factor allows for cleaning in tight spaces while still allowing for 400 connectors to be cleaned.

  • Cleans residues and dust based contamination
  • Cleans unmated and in adapter SC/UPC, SC/APC, ST, FC/UPC/ FC/APC, E2000/UPC, E2000/APC
  • Cleans drop cables and multiport enclosures of IP-SOLID, OPTITAP and HFOC connector systems
  • Cleans socket termini and pin termini of MIL 83526, TFOCA and ELIOS and other 2.5mm ferrule hardened connector systems
Senko Part Number SCK-SS-M-250S
Number of cleanings 400 connectors
Length (without end cap) 94mm (3.7″)
Applicable Connectors SC, ST, FC, E2000, IP-SOLID, HFOC, OptiTap, MIL DTL 83256, TFOCA, GFOCA, ELIOS and other hardened 2.5mm connector systems



Data Centers

Military Communications



International Electrotechnical Commission
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The SMART CLEANER MINI 2.5MM is able to clean the in adapter end faces by removing the blue end cap and inserting the cleaning tool into the adapter port. Push the cleaner one time until you hear the click sound.

To clean the unmated connectors, replace the blue cap onto the gray cleaning barrel. Then insert the connector on the assembly into the blue end cap. Push the cleaner one time until you hear the click sound. Remember to always clean both ends of the connector pair before mating.

The short housing allows you to clean connectors in confined spaces and application where there are cable routing features in enclosure that make it difficult to insert a standard length cleaner.