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SENKO SMART CLEANER CS-LC is an effective option for cleaning residues and dust from the end faces. The key feature on the cleaning tip enables the cleaner to clean in adapter and unmated CS and LC connectors. This cleaner opens the internal shutter LC adapters.

  • 750 cleanings + Refillable!
  • Cleans unmated and in adapter
  • Keyed cleaning tip for alignment
SENKO Cleaner Part Number: SCK-SS-CS
SENKO Refill Part Number: SCK-SS-CS-R
Number of Cleanings: 750 connectors
Applicable Connectors: LC, CS, IP-25, IP-16 LC, IP-21 LC


Data Centers, Hyper Scales


FTTH, Central Offices


FTTA Wireless, Fiber ODAS


The SMART CLEANER CS-LC is able to clean the LC end faces by inserting the cleaning tool into the adapter port of the LC with key in the up direction. To clean the CS connectors, insert the cleaning tool with the key turn 90 degrees to clean end face 1. Then rotate the cleaning tip 180 degrees to clean the second CS end face.

The process to change cartridge is simple. Hold the gray barrel of the cleaner in one hand and the orange handle in the other. Pull the cartridge out and away from handle.

To insert the cleaning cartridge (SCK-SS-CS-R), align the nubs of of the new cleaning cartridge to the white mount ears on the handle. Push the cartridge in and you are ready to begin cleaning.

Yes, the refills for the SMART CLEANER CS-LC will work in the handles of the original SMART CLEANER 1.25MM handles for cleaning in adapter LC connectors.

The original brown end cap on the SMART CLEANER 1.25MM will need to be discarded when you use a SMART CLEANER CS-LC refill. If you need to clean an unmated LC assembly, the process is simple using a common LC adapter. Insert the unmated LC connector into the adapter. Insert the cleaner into the LC adapter port and push forward.

The cleaner will lock when you have reached the end of the cleaning strand. The operator will feel the cleaner getting stiffer to as you get to the last 20 engagements.