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The SMART CLEANER MINI 2.0MM tool (SCK-SS-M-200A) is an effective clean tool for wiping away residues and dust based contamination on 2.0mm based connector end-faces. The 109mm (4.3″) compact housing length enables this cleaner to be used in tight spaces. The SMART CLEANER MINI 2.0MM’s cleaning tip and makes it possible to clean both the jack and plug end faces without having to remove the connector alignment sleeve. This cleaner is ideal for military and mining applications where flammability is a concern. This cleaner will clean the MIL PRF 28876 connectors with the MIL DTL 29504/15 and /14 termini. The clean is effective at wiping the connector end faces clean without the need of flammable solvents. This cleaner is RoHS and REACH compliant.

  • 400 cleaning for flat & angle polish
  • Cleans SMPTE 304M, MIL 28876
  • Cleans pin and socket end faces
Parameters Specifications
Senko Part Number SCK-SS-M-200A
Number of cleanings 400 End Faces
Cap Color Red
Applicable Connectors SMPTE 304M, MIL PRF 28876

✅ Broadcast Fiber Optic Cameras
✅ Naval and Maritime Networks
✅ Mining and Energy Exploration
✅ Medical
✅ Research Labs

International Electrotechnical Commission
REACH logo

No. The cleaning tip and barrel of the SMART CLEANER MINI 2.0MM was engineered to clean both sides of the SMPTE 304M connector – plug and jack. To clean the jack side, place the red end cap into the back of the cleaner’s handle. Insert the cleaning tip into the opening and push forward until you hear the audible click.

To clean the plug side of the SMPTE 304M, return the red end cap into the gray barrel. Place the cleaner with the red cap onto the ferrule and push forward until you hear the audible click.

The advantage of using a short housing or mini cleaner is the ability to work with connectors in confined spaces. The housing length of the SMART CLEANER MINI 2.0MM with the red cap off is 109mm (4.3″). The length of the cleaner with the red cap is 121mm (4.75″).

The SMART CLEANER MINI 2.0MM cleaning tip uses a dual action process that work in tandem when you engage the cleaner. The cleaning tip will rotate 180 degree while a cleaning strand flows across the cleaning tip. This process creates a sweep and lift motion that is effective at wiping away both residue and dust particle contamination.