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Medical Adapters

SENKO’s Medical Adapters offer designs that feature the receptacle for hybrid signals in the form of power, coaxial contact, and fiber optics. With an extensive design portfolio, SENKO’s Medical Adapters can come with added features such as built-in protection caps, quick disconnect, IP sealing, and more. Keying features are built in order to ensure that the connectors are installed correctly. The hybrid adapters allow for application diversity including patient monitoring, MRIs, intravascular imaging, infusion pumps, and more, all the while maintaining cost effective pricing.

  • Customization available
  • Hybrid designs for fiber, power, and coaxial signals
  • Ergonomic handling through design
  • Available in various footprints


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Yes, the connectors are made with strong plastics/metals and our cable jackets can be silicone and Santoprene.

Engagement feedback in the form of an audible ‘click’ when plug and receptacle are mated together.

Common choices are Push-Pull, Bayonet and Locking Sleeve types.

Keying provides proper alignment even in areas that are difficult to access. Commonly, a Single or Double key design with blind mate is critical.

Biocompatible materials.

Our connectors and cable assemblies can be sterilized by ETO gas, Gamma, Autoclave and Sterrad.

SENKO excels at ingress protection – IP67 or IP68 are common.

This can be designed into your solution.