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SENKO’s MU connector is a push pull-design small form factor connector that is approximately half the size of the SC. The MU is NTT and JIS compliant and fully intermateable with NTT-MU products.

  • NTT-MU hardware compatibility
  • Pre-assembled 1pc style
  • Tunable zirconia ferrule
  • UL-Rated housing and boots
  • NTT & JIS compliance

Part Number: SCK-SS-MPO

The SMART CLEANER MPO is an effective end face cleaning tool engineered for wiping away residue and dust based contamination from pinned and unpinned MPO connectors. The cleaning tip is effective for use on both Flat and Angled polished end faces.

  • 600 cleanings
  • Cleans 8, 12, 24, 48 and 72 fiber MPO connectors
  • Includes a guide pin hole cleaning brush

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The pitch (distance from center to center of the guide pins) is 4.6mm for the MT ferrules with the 12 fiber array. The width of the cleaning ribbon will wipe away all the contamination in the fiber array region on the end face.

Yes. The most effective way to do a wet-dry cleaning is to apply a small amount of the cleaning solvent to a wipe. Then touch the cleaning tip on the wipe. There is a good chance that you may accidently over saturate the cleaning strand if you apply the cleaning solvent directly onto the cleaning strand.

Senko includes a guide pin hole brush as an ancillary item for the cleaner for removing contamination trapped in the guide pin holes of unpinned MPO connectors. The first step is to insert the brush into the first guide pin hole. Rotate brush going in a clockwise direction making 2 or 3 revolutions. Remove the brush and gently wipe the bristles on a wipe. Repeat the process for the cleaning the second guide in hole. The last step is to clean the MPO using the SMART CLEANER MPO. This wipe away any loose contamination that fell onto the ferrule end face when the brush was coming out of the guide pins holes.

The SN Junior will fit anything but a Compact or Mini series adapter