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400G network demo with BBTower using the SN® connector and transceiver

Mie, Japan — 5/30/2024 – Senko Advance Co., Ltd. (SENKO) have recently collaborated with BroadBand Tower, Inc. (BBTower) to demonstrate a 400G network using the SN® connector interface with the QSFP-DD 400G DR4 transceiver. This groundbreaking demonstration conducted at BBTower’s Data Center located in Tokyo, one of Japan’s top business centers. The SN® transceivers are provided by CIG, Accelink, and Source Photonics.


Purpose & Objective for this 400G experimental network.

The exponential growth in the number of network users, the increasing demand for high-resolution video and live streaming, and the advancement of AI and LLM technologies have made high-speed networks indispensable for modern data centers. To address these needs, a robust 400GbE network is essential for efficiently processing large volumes of data and alleviating network bottlenecks.

BBTower has been actively engaged in various experiments to pave the way for their comprehensive 400GbE network services. This collaboration with SENKO, featuring the SN® connector, is a critical step in these preparatory efforts.

The SN® connector interface, utilized in this demonstration, exemplifies cutting-edge technology designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s data centers, ensuring higher network capacity and improved data processing capabilities. This successful experiment underscores the potential of 400G networks in enhancing data center performance and reliability.

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Experiment with BBTower & SN® Connector

The SN® connector is a cutting-edge duplex optical fiber connector utilizing LC style 1.25mm O.D. Zirconia ferrules, tailored for next-generation Data Center. Its innovative design accomodates four individual connectors, totaling eight fibers, within a single QSFP-DD transceiver interface. The SN® connector is specified by MSA as the optical interface for SFP-DD, QSFP-DD, OSFP, and OSFP-XD, and suitable for fiber applications such as PSM4, SR4, DR4, DR4+ and SR4.2 modules where MPO connectors are traditionally used.

In this experiment, the QSFP-DD 400G DR4+ transceiver with four SN connectors was employed. The advantages of the SN® connector include increased efficiency, enhanced reliability, and lower costs compared to MPO connectors. Additionally, using SN® transceivers simplifies the process of 400G to 100G breakout, achievable with just four SN-LC 2F jumpers.


Comment from Dai Nishino, Cloud & SDN Laboratory Director of Laboratory at BBTower

“SN® connector is one of the promising new connectors for high-speed, high-capacity communication. Compared to LC connectors, SN connectors allow more flexibility in insertion and removal even with the same number of cores, which is expected to improve reliability. We anticipate providing high-reliability operation to customers requiring large-capacity and stable quality, such as those in AI applications. The introduction of SN® connectors in data centers not only enables space-saving patch panels but also makes cabling route design easier due to the consistent cross-sectional area of the optical fiber cord, potentially increasing overall data center investment efficiency.

We also expect stable transmission due to fundamental solutions for issues related to fixed-length handling of fan-out cords and minimal variation in attenuation and return loss achieved through single-core polishing. Additionally, compact connector technologies like SN® connectors could contribute to global plastic reduction efforts aligned with SDGs. With various expectations, we look forward to utilizing SN® connectors in our research and development network.”

Comment from Kazu Takano, Managing Executive Officer at SENKO

“We are very excited and honored to be able to demonstrate the future network design using the SN® technology with our partners. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to BBTower for giving us this opportunity, and we would also like to thank our transceiver partners CIG, Accelink and Source Photonics for their generous support on this program.

The SN® connector technology will allow more flexibility and scalability in network design and data center deployment as it is a robust future proof design for data center operators. We believe this is another testament to the industry’s trust and confidence in the SN® technology for their future network deployment.”

This successful demonstration underscores the potential of 400G networks in enhancing data center performance and reliability, showcasing the significant improvements brought by the SN® connector in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact.



Senko Advance Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Yokkaichi, Japan with 16 locations globally and dozens of design and manufacturing facilities providing local support to customers all around the globe. SENKO Advanced Components Inc. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Senko Advance Co., Ltd. was incorporated in the United States in the early 90’s and has since been recognized as one of the industry’s specialists in passive fiber optic interconnects and optical components. To date, SENKO has deployed over 800 million connectors . 150+ patents awarded, with more than 300 patents pending. For more information about SENKO and their recent patent acquisitions, please visit


About BBTower

Company Name BroadBand Tower, Inc.

Incorporated February 9, 2000

Head office HIBIYA PARKFRONT, 2-1-6 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011

Directors Hiroshi Fujiwara, Ph.D. Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer



Trade Shows in Japan

  • Interop Tokyo 2024 June 12th ~ June 14th, 2024 Booth# 4P01
  • COMNEXT 2024 June 26th ~ June 28th, 2024 Booth# 2-1
  • Cable Tech Show 2024 July 18th ~ July 19th, 2024 Booth# B1-18

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