Careers at Senko

Creative and energetic

Senko is looking for creative, energetic, innovative people to join our team.

We are an established company with 10 years experience and want to add exceptional people to contribute to our future success.

With openings around the country and worldwide we might have something that is a perfect fit for you!

The secret of our success

Our success depends on your success.

Our ability to accomplish what we set out to do is based primarily on the people we hire. We are always focused on our people.

We provide opportunities to develop your skills, further your career, and achieve your goals.

Jobs at SENKO

Finding the right job for new graduates is a huge undertaking, finding the right company shouldn't be that hard. At Senko we offer the opportunity for learning, experience, and growth.

Our offices are local and worldwide. Providing new graduates with opportunities not found at every company.

We are a company with experience and innovation. We are looking for new graduates with the entrepreneurial spirit to drive us into our next chapter of success.

Marketing and Sales

Working with the most creative people in the business on breakthrough products is as satisfying as it is challenging.

Our marketing department is comprised of the best and brightest, and we're always looking for stand-out talent to add to our team.


This is the team of ingenious engineering minds that design and develop our revolutionary products.

In the Senko's engineering team work people with disciplines in electrical, mechanical, and specialized engineering, industrial design, and quality assurance.


The Finance department is an integral part of Senko's success, supporting the growth and change of all functional areas of the company with flexibility and integrity.

The Finance department at Senko offers opportunities for career development and growth.


Operations' role is to ensure that Senko's state-of-the-art designs become industry-leading products, delivered on time and on spec.

They drive Senko's manufacturing process as well as worldwide procurement and fulfillment.



Senko is strongly committed to fostering a diverse workplace. Treating employees, customers, and partners with respect is not only the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense. As a successful global company, Senko will continue to value and benefit from a wide diversity of ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds.

Business activities such as hiring, training, compensation, promotions, transfers, terminations and Senko-sponsored social and recreational activities are conducted without discrimination based on race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, age or status. The diversity of Senko's workforce has a direct impact on our ability to meet a diverse customer base - giving us a strategic advantage in today's global marketplace.

Senko has a long history of cultural diversity, and we are extremely proud of our efforts to prepare the next generation of workers through significant investments in education as well as strong partnerships with the communities in which we live and work.