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SENKO Announces a Collaboration with Furukawa on SN®-MT Connector

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SENKO Announces a Collaboration with Furukawa on SN®-MT Connector

Date: 3/3/2022

Marlborough, MA — SENKO Advanced Components, Inc. (SENKO) announced a collaboration with Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. (Furukawa Electric) on SN-MT connector system. SN-MT is a next-generation multi-fiber connector, that is developed by SENKO and announced in 2021. SN-MT carries a maximum of 16-fibers in a single row ferrule contained within a regular SN connector footprint. It will be available in two options for the fiber count, 8F and 16F. SN-MT 8F is suitable for emerging transceiver optics, such as 4x400G DR4. The patch panel design with SN-MT 16F improves connector density by 2.7x over MPO-16F and 1.3x over MPO-32F. It’s suitable for many applications that require high-density solutions.

Furukawa Electric and SENKO are having a joint effort to design and support the SN-MT connector, including the release of their own SN-MT ferrule. With this joint work, there will be a multisource for SN-MT connector system, and both Furukawa and SENKO having global presence, SN-MT supply will be available worldwide.

The SN-MT 16F can accommodate up to 3456F connection in a 1RU patch panel. This type of high-density solution is perfect for a 1RU height Co-Packaged Optics (CPO) 51.2T switch which can use 64x SN-MT 16F (1024F) on the top of the face plate while keeping enough space for External Laser Source (ELS). Having the same footprint as a regular SN connector, 4x SN-MT connectors can fit in QSFP-DD and OSFP footprints, which is up to total of 64F connections per transceiver.

“In the booming data center business, it is very significant to collaborate with SENKO, a leader of optical connectivity industry.” said Shinji Asao, General Manager of Optical Fiber and Cable Products Division at Furukawa Electric. “SN-MT is a best fit to the 16-fiber rollable-ribbon developed by Furukawa Electric. By combining the very small form factor SN-MT with the ultra-high fiber count cables (3456 fibers, 6912 fibers, etc.), pre-connectorized cable can be realized with a miniaturized design. We believe this SN-MT connector is an indispensable product in the next-generation data center, and we are confident of the widespread application enhanced by our collaboration.”

“Furukawa is one of the most successful companies in the fiber optics industry, and we are excited working with them” said Jim Hasegawa, Executive Vice President of SENKO. “With their precision manufacturing capability, we believe SN-MT can satisfy and exceed the performance requirement in the market, and will be successful.”


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About Furukawa Electric
Since founding in 1884, through the four core technologies of metals, polymers, photonics and high-frequency, Furukawa Electric has developed a wide range of products in fields of infrastructure such as telecommunications and energy, as well as in the fields of automotive components and electronics, and holds more than 120 group companies worldwide. As a comprehensive manufacturer of devices and components for optical telecommunications, Furukawa Electric has a world-leading market position of optical fiber cables. Following advances in 5G, we will support the growth of information transmission infrastructure such as base stations and data centers through products, such as fiber and connectors with high dimensional precision realizing low connection loss.

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