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SENKO’s SN®-MT Honored with Lightwave Innovation Reviews

Date 2/24/2022

Marlborough, MA – Senko Advanced Components, Inc. (SENKO) is honored that the SN®-MT Connector has received a score of 4.0 on the 2022 Lightwave Innovation Reviews. Ideal for high density solutions, the SN-MT can accommodate up to 3,465 fiber connections in a 1 rack unit (RU) patch panel. This next-generation multi-fiber connector carries a maximum of 16-fibers in a single row while maintaining the regular SN connector footprint. The SN-MT is a technological advancement over conventional multi-fiber connectors such as the MPO as it boasts 2.7x the density when compared to MPO-16F and 1.3x the density over MPO-32F. The SN-MT uses a small MT style ferrule with 200um spacing in between fibers to leverage the trunk cables that are manufactured with 200um coated flexible ribbon fibers with the goal to reduce the overall cable size and to help with structured cabling.

With its superior density, the SN-MT is designed to be used in splice racks, emerging transceiver optics, and especially for demands in Co-packaged optics (CPO) switches. Sixty-four of the SN-MT 16F (1024 fibers) can be installed on the top of the faceplate while leaving enough space for External Light Sources (ELS). Moreover, because the SN-MT is the same footprint as the SN, 4xSN-MT can fit up to 64 fibers in QSFP-DD and OSFP footprints.

“Our judges praised the SN-MT Connector for its high density and performance,” said Stephen Hardy, editorial director of Lightwave and program director of the Lightwave Innovation Reviews. “I congratulate Senko on the 4.0 score the SN-MT Connector received.”

“We are very honored to receive ahigh score with the SN-MT connector.”said Jim Hasegawa, the Executive Vice President of SENKO, “With increasing demands for higher density and bandwidth, the SN-MT connector will be the most practical solution to many of the emerging technologies including CPO, and next-gen transceivers.”


* SN® is a Registered Trademark of Senko Advanced Components.


Senko Advanced Components is a wholly owned subsidiary of the SENKO Advance, which is headquartered in Yokkaichi, Japan. With 16 locations globally, and dozens of design and manufacturing facilities providing local support to customers all around the globe. SENKO was incorporated in the United States in the early nineties and has since being recognized as one of the industry’s specialists in passive fiber optic interconnect and optical components. This is due in great part to full vertical integration from the design capabilities, qualification/testing, and manufacturing. SENKO has deployed over 700 million connectors. To date, SENKO has over 150 awarded patents, with more than 300 pending.
SENKO develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes over 1000 fiber optic products for the telecom & datacom industries worldwide. An ISO-9001 approved company, SENKO is able to provide multinational corporations with the technical expertise to liaise with engineers, and the manufacturing flexibility to develop custom products for the ever-growing high-tech industry. Many of our products were created to resolve a specific design challenge faced by our customers. We offer one of the industry’s largest product portfolios, and our quality is second to none. More information about SENKO can be found at

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