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Senko Adds Five New Patents to Ongoing VSFF Lawsuit Against US Conec

VSFF-Patent-Press-ReleaseBoston MA, February 9th, 2024 – Since 2015, SENKO has been at the forefront of VSFF technology development, securing its innovations through an extensive patent portfolio initiated in early 2016. This commitment to innovation has positioned SENKO as the industry-leader.

In January 2023, SENKO commenced legal proceedings against US Conec, alleging infringement of seven patents related to MDC and MMC connectors and adapters. Despite extensive efforts to reach a settlement throughout 2023, negotiations have recently stalled.

More recently, SENKO has added a further five patents to the lawsuit . These five additional patents reinforce the inventions claimed in the original seven patents and expand to additional features. Now a total of 12 patents and 270 individual claims are asserted against the MDC and MMC Products.

The action and complaint can be found at Case No. :23-cv-00083 (D. Del., Jan. 2023)
The following five patents were added to the lawsuit:


SENKO’s lawsuit contends that all MDC and MMC connectors and adapters infringe its patents, highlighting a significant discrepancy in the two companies’ patent positions. The timeline of patent filings illustrates SENKO’s pioneering achievements, with the company filing multiple VSFF-related patents before US Conec initiated its first MDC or MMC patent filing.

SENKO is committed to protecting its intellectual property rights and raising awareness about the potential consequences of using connectors that may infringe on their patents. It is essential for stakeholders to understand the implications of any design changes needed for patent avoidance in maintaining the integrity and reliability of operational networks.

As a leader in Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) innovation, SENKO boasts a robust portfolio of patents and products, including over 80 issued US Patents. Alongside numerous product patents, SENKO holds patents covering network deployment and applications, which are provided under free license to the industry to promote free trade and share the benefits of this technology to the entire industry. SENKO also offers licensing opportunities for its CS, SN, and SN-MT products.

If you are a customer or manufacture and want to know more about how this lawsuit may affect you, please contact us:



SENKO is a leading global manufacturer of optical interconnect solutions. The company was founded in Japan in 1947 and has since expanded to become a global provider of innovative optical solutions for the data center, telecom, and industrial markets. SENKO’s product portfolio includes optical connectors, fiber optic cables, optical splitters, and other optical components.

With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, SENKO has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for optical interconnect solutions. The company’s solutions are used by some of the world’s largest data centers and telecom providers, and SENKO is recognized as a leader in the industry for its innovative technology and exceptional customer service.

SENKO’s global presence includes locations in Asia, Europe, and North America, with manufacturing facilities in Japan, China, and Vietnam. The company’s experienced team of engineers and technicians provides high-quality, reliable solutions that meet the needs of its customers.

At SENKO, we are committed to driving innovation in the optical interconnect industry and helping our customers achieve their goals with our cutting-edge technology and exceptional service.

To date, SENKO has deployed over 943 million connectors. 445+ patents awarded, with more than 150 patents pending.

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