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SENKO establishes ‘Grade-Q’ performance, demonstrating unparalleled low-loss capabilities that pave the way for Quantum Communication Networks

Senko Quantum PerformanceLondon – August 22nd, 2023 — In the realm of Quantum networks, achieving high optical efficiencies is paramount to ensure the seamless transmission of entangled photons, susceptible to degradation from substandard fiber coupling. Within Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) communications, where the accumulation of insertion loss can impede functionality, minimal loss is imperative. Pioneering a significant leap forward, the Optical Fiber Metrology team at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) UK has conducted groundbreaking measurements on a pivotal parameter—Mode Field Diameter (MFD)—on commercially available Quantum-grade fiber optic patch cords (QuPC®) by SENKO Advanced Components.

Robert Ferguson, Senior Research Scientist at NPL, stated, “The QuPC™ patch cord exhibited MFD values that perfectly aligned with the commercial specifications for the fiber type (G657.A1). Furthermore, the connector loss measurement conducted by NPL aligns precisely with the specifications provided by SENKO.”

The MFD parameter stands as a linchpin in the evaluation of Quantum Network efficiencies, offering a quantification of the fiber core’s usable diameter and its non-circularity through fiber rotation. This data, when processed, also reveals the effective area—an additional critical parameter to optimize coupling efficiencies. In any network, disparities in core characteristics due to differing MFDs and non-circularities can culminate in cumulative losses that substantially compromise network performance.

Miguel Miyamoto, General Manager of SENKO Europe, articulated, “Our vision is for the QuPC™ solution to be a driving force in facilitating quantum communication networks.” Notably, SENKO is an active collaborator in the UK-funded Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuit PACkaging (QPICPAC) project. This venture, featuring esteemed partners such as Alter Technology TUV NORD UK, Wave Photonics, University of Southampton, and University of Bristol, is dedicated to devising a packaging solution for Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits (QPICs). The project’s core objective revolves around a template-based approach aimed at curbing custom development demands and associated costs for quantum technology firms.

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