Ranovus Announces Second-Generation “Co-Packaged Optics” Chip for Hyperscale Data Center Applications

Ranovus Inc. (“RANOVUS”) today announced at OFC 2021, the leading optical networking event in North America, the next step in reducing power consumption and overall costs for hyperscale data center operations with the introduction of the Odin™ Analog-Drive CPO 2.0 architecture. Ranovus has leveraged its strategic collaboration with IBM Inc. (“IBM”), TE Connectivity (“TE”), and Senko Advanced Components, Inc (“SENKO”), leading providers of multi-terabit interconnect solutions, to create a second- generation CPO 2.0 configuration for the data center... Read More


SENKO Advanced Components, Inc. announced a product release of SN®-MT, a next-generation multi-fiber connector. SN-MT carries a maximum of 16-fibers in a single row ferrule contained within a regular SN connector footprint. The design improves connector density by 2.7X over MPO-16F and 1.3X over MPO-32F. It’s suitable for many applications that require high-density solutions...Read More

SENKO Advanced Components parent company name change and new logo

March 22, 2021, marks a new beginning for all of us at SENKO Advanced Components as our parent company SENKO Sangyo embarks on a journey into a new era with the adoption of a new name. SENKO Sangyo will henceforth be known as SENKO Advance Co., Ltd. ...Read More

CommScope to Manufacture SN® Connectors and Adapters

CommScope and SENKO Advanced Components, Inc. (SENKO) have signed a technology transfer and patent license agreement for SN® connectors and adapters. Under the terms of the agreement, CommScope will manufacture SN connectors and adapters in its factories. ...Read More   Lightwave Article   Cabling & Installation Article

AFL and SENKO enter into a License Agreement for the SN® Connector

AFL and SENKO Advanced Components, Inc. (SENKO) announce the signing of the SN Technology Transfer and Patent License Agreement for SN Connectors and Adapters. With this agreement, AFL will begin the manufacturing of SN connectors and adapters while the intermateability standard is under development in IEC as IEC 61754-36 Type SAC connector. ...Read More   Lightwave Article

SENKO Announces Major Advancements in the Adoption of SN® Connectors and Transceivers

SENKO Advanced Components, Inc. (SENKO) announced today there have been major advancements in the adoption and continued deployment of its SN® Connector technology and supporting ecosystem after two years of field trials. Currently, SENKO has licensed its technology out to leading transceiver and connector ...Read More   Lightwave Article

Senko reveals it has created a sealing technology that successfully passes IP68 water/dust ingress test while maintaining the footprint of the standard LC.

The Waterproof LC Connector and Adapter combination provides protection against water ingress. Senko reveals it has created a sealing technology that successfully passes the IP68 water/dust ingress test while maintaining the footprint of the standard LC. The Waterproof LC ...Read More

Senko IP-9 Going for gold: Innovation excellence We honor 18 entrants for exhibiting excellence in innovation and efficiency.

Senko’s IP-9 connector series’ compact footprint helps make enclosure and terminal sizes smaller, the company says. “With the IP-9, you can double the port density in the same footprint without compromising performance. While the size is small, it still provides ...Read More

Senko’s MPO connector videoThe company recently produced a short, instructive Youtube video entitled, ‘What’s an MPO connector?’

Singlemode or multimode MPO products available from Senko are multifiber connections used in high-density backplane and printed circuit board (PCB) applications in data and telecommunications systems. As noted by the company, the MPO connector offers up to 12 time...Read More

Senko’s Optres Handy MPO cleaner is ‘touch-and-go’ The Optres Handy MPO connector cleaning tool uses a “touch-and-go” process on the MT ferrule

The Optres Handy MPO cleaner from Senko Advanced Components uses an advanced adhesive cleaning tape, engineered by the material experts at Tomoegawa Ltd. The cleaner’s adhesive cleaning tape captures dust particles on contact without leaving a residue behind. ...Read More

Sumitomo Electric, Senko unveil AirMT noncontact multi-fiber optical connector technology

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. and Senko Advanced Components have partnered to introduce AirMT multi-fiber optical connectors. The fiber-optic connectors are based on a Sumitomo-developed noncontact multi-fiber optical ferrule technology that the company has licensed to Senko; the AirMT name is a jointly registered trademark of the two companies. ...Read More

Senko Advanced Components has introduced a next generation connector specifically designed for data center 400G optimization

Senko Advanced Components’ SN connector is a duplex optical fiber connector designed for data center 400G optimization. The SN has two LC-style 1.25-mm O.D. Zirconia ferrules in a single housing, pitched 3.1 mm apart versus 6.25 mm ...Read More